It’s Sunday, a designated day off, do you think I listen to that “rule”? HA! It seems I have yet to let myself have a full day off, though I have gotten better at letting myself rest when I need it (it’s a start!). Work tends to be like play for me, I enjoy what I do so much and I find purpose in creating art.

So today I spent my time getting a headstart on the week by photographing all of my note cards to include all their different color variations. While this wasn’t very difficult to do, it’s very repetitive but a certain level of determination got me through it. It’s something I’ve been really putting off for some time now, mostly because my camera needed a bit of a recalibration; the white balance was wayyyy off. A few months ago I tried to take the “easy way out” and use my camera phone since it has long been a valuable tool in updating social media. However. My camera, which was not broken at all, got an update that took away manual settings in addition to ruining the white balance. Go figure!

Why is it we put off things that a so simple, make things harder, just to do what we should have done in the first place? Who else does this? Anyway, it was a bit of fun – here’s a look at my tripod set up in the middle of my living room. The backdrop is a piece that’s used in bookbinding, in case you were wondering. It’s one of two boards used in what’s called a “nipping press” – look it up, it’s quite interesting!

Tripod set up
My tripod set up in my living room

My Etsy has been receiving a huge overhaul, I’ve already added and renewed so many listings! As you can see, there’s more to come and I can’t wait to share it with you. Link to my shop can be found on the menu, or at Please check it out and share, it’s much appreciated!

Oh, one more thing, here’s a look at how I took the featured image:

Note cards on a table: How
Note cards on a table with a stool in front.

Till next time, which I hope will be more frequent.