Lately I have been searching for new forms of inspiration and creative outlets to keep my mind clear and focused on my path through all of its changes in elevation, switchbacks because the beautiful views are worth it. These activities are as important as much as the tasks and creations related to mmDesign716. Just as important as knowing when to pause and take notice of where I am at this very moment.

Not too long ago I took a much needed trip to the wilderness of the Adirondacks with some friends and their family. The mental energy required to climb Blue Mountain made space for undisturbed mental clarity and peace. The trek was just what my mind and body needed, and wow, the view was so worth it! The whole camping trip, though not a time for producing new work, allowed me to relax and be present in now.


While regaining focus I have been working on getting my artwork onto my Etsy shop (and now linked on this site) and applying to more artist markets, so keep on a look out for updates especially on Instagram . The Etsy process is a bit slow and I have more to photograph but I have a good chunk of my 8×10 and 5×7 prints listed.

During this time I have also noticed the need to be observant with my world and reconnect with my surroundings and myself. I’m generally pretty observant, but I’ve noticed a lot of connections and obscure things. Because of this I’ve decided a personal photography project might be in the works. I was really inspired by a recent street photography class I attended with a friend and an unexpected conversation that followed after. For now I plan to keep it a personal journey but I might share some bits along the way.

All in all I need to keep myself grounded and connected to myself to keep moving forward.