A big part of my craft is experimenting and running with things regardless of mistakes or weird moments of working out the kinks.

I bought this pack of safe wash relief ink from Hyatt’s a while back and only used it once. For anyone following a long on Instagram, you may recall I was doing the Sketchbook Project through the Brooklyn Art Library. Well, I printed all my pages with the previously mentioned ink. It seemed to never dry and had a dusty ink coating that rubbed off easily. Because of this I put that project on hold.

Today I decided to give that ink another try, this time for my tall ship block. Original this is an 8×10 I carved a while back, but it works out so well because I’ll be at Canalside for Creators on the Canal July 7th. This will be the last day for “The Tall Ships are Coming” event at the harbor.

I printed this design onto 5×7 note cards in blue ink. If it dries in time there will be five available on a couple different types of paper, including two more at full size, also in blue. I still have a bunch of these in black and plan to print more in note cards in black ink.

I really like how this design looks in blue and I look forward to having it ready for and seeing the tall ships at the harbor!