As an artist and small business owner it’s important to be open to change and growth. Over the course of three years of artist markets I’ve made adaptations to what my displays look like and the type of product I sell. It’s consistent been printmaking, but I’ve added some variety and have more ideas for future projects.

So far during the 2019 season I’ve had one pop-up shop I’ve done at Ellicott Square, which made me acknowledge that each show I do I still a learning opportunity and I can always take something from all my experiences to improve my art and my business.

One thing I’m proud of is how compact my set up is for travel. Here’s what it looks like packed up.


Previously details of my display looked like the images below. I have since created an insert for the 8×10 prints so they are more visible and easier to look through. I have increased my inventory of blank card so they have a new basket to be displayed in. How I arrange my artwork I would describe as simple with the use of various crates and baskets. Because I made changes since the last event, I don’t have an updated display layout. I will be at Canalside for “Creators on the Canal on Monday the 27th. I am pretty excited to experience everything that day brings and show off what I’ve been working on.