Too much time goes between each blog post, but I find that I am far more active on Instagram. As with most social media it’s right there all the time and more easier to post and know that *someone* saw my post. But here is an update on what I have been working on.

Since I am doing a holiday Makers Market through LiveNF ┬áDecember 9th (Facebook event) I wanted to add a winter-ish print to my inventory. I still have time to make more because this was incredibly simple, and so are the next designs I have sketched out. But at the moment I have realized that I have went through the whole process much quicker than my other linocuts. Maybe it was the deadline? or a spike in creativity? but I’m really excited about the work I’m coming out with right now. Maybe it’s cuz it’s new. Going through the creative process to the end is very rewarding, so there’s that too. It makes me feel good. ­čÖé


Initial line sketch of a snowflake


Carved snowflake block


Final print of snowflake block in blue ink


So! Now that I am done with refreshing my inventory of new and old prints, I can refocus on creating even more and meet wonderful artists and people at the upcoming makers market!


Trio of cards with a peek at new prints