I have this ongoing project that started as a few simple sunflower sketches. Because I enjoy experimenting with different mediums, I decided to apply this to linoleum block prints. It is a work in progress, and the next step is to test print and make corrections as needed. But I seem to have a growing list of projects. I am making progress!

My long term plans for this is to have a version in black and white and print ones I will color with my Copic markers. Also, once I have a way to scan my original design onto my computer I will add this to my collection of coloring book pages.

Prints and coloring pages will eventually be available for sale, but until then please enjoy my progress with me. 🙂


Finished Linocut carving

Finished carving of my lino cut print.


Carving progress

Progress made on my carving.



Beginning outline, ready to carve.