Heart, Tree of Passions

As we grow, our hearts will guide us and help nurture our passions. Our passions will show us the strength to take hold of the soil beneath our feet and establish roots. We are true to ourselves when we grow from our passions because that is when we are our truest selves. In difficult times […]

Driftwood Magnet – Progress

Hey all! I’m working on getting more of my magnets in stock for markets this summer. Been taking advantage of some nice weather by saw and sanding driftwood I’ve gathered from the Buffalo outer harbor. I love using found objects, especially when I can source them locally. And look how amazing the wood grain that […]

Sunflower Linocut Print

I have this ongoing project that started as a few simple sunflower sketches. Because I enjoy experimenting with different mediums, I decided to apply this to linoleum block prints. It is a work in progress, and the next step is to test print and make corrections as needed. But I seem to have a growing […]